Personal Charge Card Disclosures

This account is not a revolving credit card account, the balance is due in full with each billing invoice. If the balance is not paid in full by the due date, a finance charge will be assessed as shown below under late fees.

How to Avoid Paying Finance Charges on Purchases

Your due date is 15 days after the close of each billing cycle. We will not charge you any late fees (finance charges) on purchases if you pay your entire balance by the due date each month.


Transaction Fees: NONE

Penalty Fees:

Late Payment

1.5% or $15 (whichever is greater) per month on the unpaid Invoice balance (less any previous finance charges). Finance charges may be assessed on the day following the invoice due date.

Returned Payment

Up to $30.00


An introductory offer is available for a limited time only. The discount program is subject to change at any time. Charge Card Discount is credited on the monthly statement. Restrictions apply to lottery and money order purchases.